Your brand from Artsakh to the international market. A seminar held in Stepanaker

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« Originally published by on the 06/11/2021 »

On November 5, a seminar entitled “Your Brand from Artsakh to the International Market” was held in Vahe Fatal Hall’s “Hub Artsakh” club of Stepanakert’s Paul Eluard Francophone Center. ARTSAKHPRESS: The seminar was conducted by David Gabrielyan, Founder-Director of Nakhshun Tea and BIB Digital Marketing Agency. As “Artsakhpress” repors, during the meeting the speaker introduced the participants the process of creating Nakhshun Tea company. The most important factors for making the Artsakh brand successful in the international market were discussed. In an interview with “Artsakhpress”, D. Gabrielyan mentioned that his goal is to motivate all people who have a business idea, so that they can generate that idea correctly and bring it to the sales stage.

“The idea of the seminar really existed a long time ago. There is a great need for such seminars in Artsakh, because there are organizations and brands with great potential, which are not fully developed in order to reach the international arena. And when I received an invitation to conduct a seminar, I gladly accepted it. Today’s meeting, I think, will be productive for people who have their own business, brand or are in the idea stage, trying to present their products in foreign markets, because I have told a real example of how a tea company in Artsakh reached international market – up to Austria, America, Germany – different platforms. “The Artsakh brand, reaching the international market, solves several problems, first of all contributing to the Artsakh’s recognition and the development of our economy,” said D. Gabrielyan said. 

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