Program Description

Hub Artsakh is dedicated to addressing the needs of refugees from Artsakh and providing comprehensive support. Based on our extensive experience on the ground in Artsakh, and the feedback we have received from our beneficiaries and the wider Hub Artsakh community, we have launched the Support Hotline program. 

The Support Hotline provides the following two free services:

  1. Employment assistance
  2. Legal guidance (in partnership with ELL Partnership Law Firm)

The program is implemented thanks to the generous support of the H. Hovnanian Foundation.

Program Objective

Our vision is to empower people from Artsakh on their path toward restoration and self-sufficiency after being forcefully displaced to Armenia.
Our objectives include the following: 

  1. Increase the employability of refugees from Artsakh
  2. Provide legal guidance to facilitate the navigation of personal and business affairs.

Program Components

1.Job Matching Service 

Our Support Hotline program supports Artsakh refugees seeking employment in Armenia. Our team of operators are trained to match the most diverse profiles to the opportunity corresponding to their background, location, personal situation and availability. 
When job seekers reach out to us, through our hotline or online form, our operators collect the relevant information before matching it with available vacancies thanks to our partners databases and human resources network. Our team makes sure that the compensation is fair and work conditions reasonable before contacting the job-seeker with a vacancy.
Once a match is made, Hub Artsakh supports the job seeker throughout the employment process, from the application to the first day of work, including the interview.
After an individual secures a position, we remain available to answer any work-related concerns. 

2. Legal guidance 

Hub Artsakh is collaborating with ELL Partnership Law Firm to provide legal guidance services, on a pro bono basis.
When a beneficiary reaches out to us, by calling our hotline or filling out the online form, we then transfer their questions to the legal team. The legal experts then will get back to the beneficiary with a response within a few days.
This service is available for every Artsakh refugee seeking legal assistance, on a wide array of matters, such as, but not limited to, family law, property rights, legal documents, or business registration.
All information shared is kept confidential and measures to protect the personal information of our beneficiaries are strictly enforced.

How to participate

If you are from Artsakh and looking for employment support or legal guidance, call our Support Hotline at 012 502 602.
If you have any questions regarding the Hotline, visit our FAQ by clicking there: 

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