The small grant for innovative ideas aims to develop new and unique ideas related to the overall development of Artsakh.

Artsakh CSOs and unregistered initiatives or groups working towards a positive social impact in Artsakh are welcome to apply.

1-3 projects will each receive at least 500,000 AMD in small grants.

The winners of the program will also members of Hub Artsakh, gaining the opportunity to use our co-working space, as well as to network, participate in events, and utilize our resources.

What is innovation?

Innovation is not just about new programs, projects, or ideas. Innovation also involves new methods of implementation, new project platforms, and new forms of cooperation.

Project timeline

The small grant competition will consist of three stages.

Stage 1. Applicants complete the online application, which summarizes the overall objectives and expected outcomes of the project, and assesses the social impact and innovation of the project.

Stage 2. Up to 10 shortlisted applicants will be invited to a pitching workshop, which will help them present their project goal and implementation plan in a clear, engaging, and captivating way.

Stage 3. Upon successful completion of the workshop , applicants will be invited to a pitching competition. Each applicant will have the opportunity to pitch their project to the selection committee. At the end of the pitching contest, the committee will select the winner(s).

Who can apply?

Artsakh CSOs as well unregistered initiatives and groups working towards a positive social impact in Artsakh are welcome to apply. We are looking for unique and creative collaborations, especially those that bring together different organizations, sectors, and communities and that can demonstrate the power of collaboration and teamwork.

We are interested in proposals from organizations that have never received funding before and/or are not currently involved in any grant programs. We welcome applications from organizations that have difficulties in attaining funding despite having good ideas.

We particularly welcome proposals that:

  • respond to the needs of vulnerable populations
    reduce inequalities;
  • promote social inclusion
    encourage volunteering and mobilization;
  • encourage youth empowerment
    support women and girls

Please note:

  • CSOs/initiatives working in any sector are welcome to apply
  • All programs must be implemented in Artsakh
  • Initiative groups should have experience in implementing projects or initiatives.
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