Behind The Microphone: Shedding Light on MEDIA+ Participants Anush Petrosyan

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Interviewed and written by Lou Terzian,
June 6, 2024


Aspiring journalists from conflict-affected regions often face numerous challenges in pursuing their careers, ranging from limited resources to lack of exposure to international platforms. Recognizing this gap, Hub Artsakh launched the MEDIA+ Program in the heart of Stepanakert in June 2023, with the aim of empowering young journalists from Artsakh to cover local developments and conflict for international media outlets. This series shifts the spotlight onto the journalists who are typically behind the microphone, allowing them to shed light on the challenges and aspirations they face in today’s Armenia.



In the heart of conflict-ridden Artsakh, where resilience is a way of life, the seeds of Anush Petrosyan’s journalistic aspirations were sown in her childhood in Stepanakert. From playful conversations with fictional characters on a microphone, to hosting concerts in her music school, Anush’s journey to becoming a journalist was marked by a profound connection to storytelling and a deep desire to amplify voices.


“I used to speak on my green toy microphone, calling fictional people via my toy phone and talking to ‘them’ for hours”, recalls Anush, reflecting on the roots of her journalistic aspirations. “As a schoolgirl, I preferred listening to interviews with famous personalities over trendy cartoons or movies”.


“There is no universal justice, but journalism offers a pathway to fairness”


Her penchant for communication and expression found further expression through writing poems and compositions, igniting a passion for connecting with people and uncovering truths. For Anush, journalism became a tool for bringing to light the concerns and emotions of individuals, particularly those from vulnerable communities.

“I believe that there is no universal justice, but journalism offers a pathway to fairness by amplifying the voices of the marginalized,” she asserts. “Journalism offers the opportunity to raise not only your own voice but also the voices of those who are often marginalized”.


“Using social media was the only way to express my thoughts and emotions”


Amidst the backdrop of the 2020 war and blockade restrictions, the decision to enroll in the MEDIA+ program was driven by Anush’s desire to share her experiences and insights. “After the 2020 war, I felt a need to express my thoughts and emotions, and using social media was the only way to do it,” she explains. “Despite uncertainties caused by blockade restrictions, I applied to MEDIA+, drawn by the prospect of learning from the specialists at ‘HETQ Media Factory’, a renowned media outlet. It was a rare opportunity for young journalists from Artsakh who lacked access to such training without moving to Yerevan”.

While navigating the frequent electricity cut and resource scarcities, Anush’s first article was published in September 2023, shedding light on health specialists from Yerevan providing online consultations to the people of Artsakh. MEDIA+ emerged as a transformative platform, empowering budding journalists like Anush to raise their voices and garner visibility on national and international platforms.


“It’s never too late to share your story with the world”


Looking ahead, Anush graduated from a curriculum in foreign languages at the university, and continues to contribute as a freelancer for outlets like Civilnet, venturing into international English-language publications, and collaborating on a national podcast about Artsakh with the Media Initiatives Center. Within the evolving landscape of her journalistic journey, Anush remains steadfast in her belief that there is always room to learn and grow.

As I embarked on this journey, I realized that it’s never too late to share your story with the world,” she reflects. “Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, there’s always something new to discover in the realm of journalism.” 


More about Anush’s work


  • English language

“A Tale of Two Septembers”, Anush Petrosyan, Seen & Unseen, November 23, 2023


  • Armenian language

“Արցախից հեռու, Արցախի կողքին՝ առցանց”, Anush Petrosyan, Aravot, September 07, 2023


“2020-ի սեպտեմբերը և 2023-ի սեպտեմբերը․ շուշեցի աղջկա համեմատությունը”, Anush Petrosyan, Civilnet, October 23, 2023


“Երևանյան սև ուրբաթն ու արցախյան հացի հերթերը”, Anush Petrosyan, Civilnet, December 5, 2023


“Անձը հերքող փաստաթուղթս”, Anush Petrosyan, Civilnet, December 28, 2023


“Չեկած Նոր տարի”, Anush Petrosyan, Civilnet, December 29, 2023

“Շուշիի ոլորաններով՝ վերջին անգամ”, Anush Petrosyan, Civilnet, February 22, 2024

“Մահվանն ավելի լավ է նկուղում սպասել, քան երկրորդ հարկում”, Anush Petrosyan, Civilnet, March 22, 2024

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